Is Your Patio Door Stuck or Hard to Open?

It’s a common and frustrating problem for many homeowners: a sliding glass patio door that gets stuck or jammed every time you try to open it. Sliding glass doors should glide effortlessly across the tracks when they are properly installed or maintained. When they get stuck, it is usually an indication that it is time to clean out the groves or snap the rollers back into place.
Clean Out the Track

Just like any other element of your home, your sliding patio doors need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis so they look their best and function properly. This does not just include washing smudges and smears off of the glass during your weekly housecleaning. To ensure that the door slides easily, follow these steps:

1.    Vacuum out the track to remove all loose dirt
2.    Wipe down the tracks and the rollers to remove all dirt and grime
3.    Lubricate the track and rollers with WD40

Check the Rollers

If your patio door is older, the rollers may simply be off-track, or need to be replaced altogether. Try checking the rollers yourself and pop them back into place if possible. If the rollers appear damaged, or you are unable to fix your patio door yourself, you may want to call your local glass and window company for repairs.

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